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Whirlpool Ice Makers

  Britain's best selling ice maker, the compact Whirlpool ice makers will fit perfectly behind the bar. Both models are easy to clean, stainless steel exterior and a large polypropylene storage bin.

Fully automatic operation

Adjustable ice cube thickness: 10-12mm

Cube size 29 29 mm

17 minutes approximate ice making cycle

Two sided ventilation

Stainless steel construction

Easy to clean and maintain

Easy installation - Just needs cold water with drainage outlet

Model External Dimensions (mm) Ice Storage Bin Ice per 24 hours Power Weight Price


555(W) 535(D) 590(H) 10 kg 24 kg 300 W 38 kg 539


555(W) 535(D) 850(H) 20 kg 40 kg 400 W 46 kg 676


Polar Compact Ice Makers


Stainless steel construction

Slimline design ideal for when space is an issue

Fast ice production output

Robust build quality

Front vent for controlled air flow



External Dimensions (mm) Ice Storage Bin Ice per 24 hours Weight Price


333(W) 455(D) 600(H) 6.5 kg 18 kg 36 kg 389


376(W) 550(D) 637(H) 12 kg 27 kg 38 kg 519


485(W) 570(D) 720(H) 17 kg 43 kg 53 kg 688


670(W) 570(D) 900(H) 30 kg 60 kg 57 kg 844


 Hoshizaki Ice Makers

IM-21CLE & IM-30CLE-25



HOSHIZAKI is the name that represents quality commercial ice machines around the world.

Hoshizaki Icemakers, widely regarded as the best produces very high quality hard clear ice which lasts longer and removes the need for a water softener in hard water areas.

Hoshizaki’s comprehensive range has been designed to meet any ice making requirement. Because ice is consumed, hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Stainless steel exterior

Foam injected polyurethane for outstanding insulation

Bin door gasket, to ensure protection of the ice when the door is closed

Micro computer control, no start up or seasonal adjustments necessary

Removable and cleanable condenser air filter

The innovative Hoshizaki "IM" range is easy to maintain, with a stainless steel exterior and wipe clean storage bin.

The Hoshizaki icemakers feature a micro computer control meaning no seasonal adjustments.

Model External Dimensions (mm) Ice Storage Bin Ice per 24 hours Price


398(W) 495(D) 600(H) 11.5 kg 19 kg 695


398(W) 495(D) 695(H) 11.5 kg 20 kg 845


633(W) 506(D) 690(H) 15 kg 37 kg 1149


633(W) 506(D) 850(H) 26 kg 52 kg 1369

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