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Fully Installed Walk-in Cold Rooms

  We are able to offer you a comprehensive range of walk-in cold rooms produce in a wide range of sizes with stainless steal floor. Every cold room is suitable for both meat and general purpose.

Our cold rooms are supplied with a refrigeration unit to suit your exact requirements including straddle wall units or ceiling mounted units. most units require a 13amp electrical supply.

The insulation is rigid polyurethane foamed, CFC free and has a density of 40 kg/m3.

The standard facing for the cold room panels is 0.6mm galvanised steel sheet, coated with food safe polyether. The panels are joined together with quick action locks and include corner panels to form links at corners.

Shelving units constructed out of tough nylon coated wire are not included in the price however we can offer you fully stainless steel shelving and racking and discount prices.

All cold rooms come fully fitted CFC free

All cold rooms have fully automatic operation

Stainless steel flooring (optional)

Door lock as standard

80mm thick insulation for each cold room panel

Working cold room temperature of -2 / +5 C

R 404A refrigerant

Gas defrost

Optional shelving and racking available

Our Promise
We will give full assistance on sales matters and technical advice.

Sample of product is erected in our showroom to view.

Custom specifications
Further details on other sizes are available, please ring for your requirements.
Model External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Weight Price


1160(W) 1160(D) 2000(H) 1000(W)   1000(D)   1840(H) 215 kg 2195


1160(W) 1460(D) 2000(H) 1000(W)   1300(D)   1840(H) 245 kg 2285


1160(W) 1760(D) 2000(H) 1000(W)   1600(D)   1840(H) 280 kg 2395


1460(W) 1460(D) 2000(H) 1300(W)   1300(D)   1840(H) 290 kg 2450


1460(W) 1760(D) 2000(H) 1300(W)   1600(D)   1840(H) 308 kg 2598


1460(W) 2060(D) 2000(H) 1300(W)   1900(D)   1840(H) 375 kg 2655


1760(W) 1760(D) 2000(H) 1600(W)   1600(D)   1840(H) 385 kg 2795


1760(W) 2060(D) 2000(H) 1600(W)   1900(D)   1840(H) 380 kg 2899


2060(W) 2360(D) 2000(H) 1900(W)   2200(D)   1840(H) 470 kg 3250


2360(W) 2360(D) 2000(H) 2200(W)   2200(D)   1840(H) 550 kg 3650


2360(W) 2960(D) 2000(H) 2200(W)   2800(D)   1840(H) 670 kg 4250
Custom specifications
Further details on other sizes are available, please ring for your requirements.


Nylon Coating Cold Room Shelving

Quartermaster Shelves with a Channel section frame with the support wires running left to right.

Shelves are manufactured in metric sizes (1500mm x 400mm rather than 1525mm x 380mm, for example) and with our wide range of sizes you get a better fit.
Shelves are supplied with a plated (chrome for wave fronted and bright zinc for channel) or a high performance nylon with an active antibacterial action.
The nylon finish offers good resistance to chemicals and is super smooth, so that it is good with delicate packs and fabrics.
Shelves are supported on ringed chrome plated posts, the standard height is 1700mm, other height are available. Shelves are connected using a simple 2 piece moulding that locates accurately onto the ringed post. Shelves are dropped down onto the support, its tapered design ensures a very strong and rigid connection. Simply tap up the shelf to loosen and adjust shelf height.

Model Dimensions (mm) Weight Price
Please call for sizes and price.

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