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Blue Seal Multi Deck Heavy Duty Bakery Oven

  Designed for growth, start with one deck and further units can be added (up to 5 high). Each oven accommodates three 760 x 460 mm trays. Full width glass door. Dimpled steel baking sole. unique water atomisation jet for steaming.

-Four balancing simmer stats

-Accurate thermostat control

-Interior light

-Adjustable vent for correct moisture control

-Bake timer with audible alarm
Model Dimensions (mm) Decks Power Rating Weight Price
1830 1830(W) 1400(D) 990(H) 3 27 kW   3995


Blue Seal E85/8 8 Rack Electric Prover

  - Ideal for either fresh or frozen dough products

- This versatile prover can also be used as a mobile holding cabinet


Model Dimensions (mm) Power Rating Weight Price
E85/8 710(W) 770(D) 890(H) 0.75 kW 135 kg 1495


Electric Bakery Oven



- European-style outer design, easy to operate

- Accurate temperature control with design display, open-and-shut

- Forced blast-burning mode, economical combustion

- Unexpected flame-out auto-protection device, safe and reliable

- Light-striking system and the electric control elements are all imported, quality guaranteed

- Burning chamber with refractory stainless steel tubes, resistant and durable

- Transparent-checking window with lighting inside, convenient to inspect

- Automatic warning system of power-off and gas-off, initiate in the mechanism equipment

Model Dimensions (mm) Power Rating Weight Price
GL-2A 1250(W) 770(D) 530(H) 6.4 kW 110 kg 895
GL-4A 1250(W) 770(D) 1240(H) 12.8 kW 200 kg 1879
GL-6A 1250(W) 770(D) 1540(H) 19.2 kW 290 kg 2679



  Zanolli's electric bakery ovens synthesize the knowledge acquired in the field of modular ovens managed by electronic control devices. The result is an oven with safe, easy to operate electronic controls, a high quality structure and excellent baking results.

The Teorema Polis range of ovens have been designed to meet your present and future requirements and its all purpose character makes it suitable for use in bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants and pizzerias.

Each deck is purchased separately and may be stacked up to 4 chambers high. The ovens come as standard with a steel baking floor, although a refractory stone sole is available. Ovens can also be equipped with steam injection.

Optional hood with draft chimney: 395


Model Dimensions (mm) Deck Size (mm)

Number of trays
(600 x 400 mm)

Power Weight Price Stand
T2 MC18 1250(W) 870(D) 340(H) 830 660 2 6 kW 130 kg 2995 695
T2 MC28 1250(W) 870(D) 460(H) 830 660 2 6 kW 135 kg 3155 695
T3 MC18 1660(W) 870(D) 340(H) 1240 660 3 7.8 kW 145 kg 3349 745
T3 MC28 1660(W) 870(D) 460(H) 1240 660 3 7.8 kW 150 kg 3550 745
T4 MC18 1250(W) 1470(D) 340(H) 830 1260 4 10 kW 210 kg 3455 785
T4 MC28 1250(W) 1470(D) 460(H) 830 1260 4 10 kW 225 kg 3675 785
T6 MC18 1660(W) 1470(D) 340(H) 1240 1260 6 13 kW 240 kg 3750 795
T6 MC28 1660(W) 1470(D) 460(H) 1240 1260 6 13 kW 260 kg 3845 795

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